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Related post: Date: Sat, gay teen illegal pthc 4 Oct 2008 10:49:25 -0700 (PDT) From: George U Subject: Paying at the pump storyThe story has been written for entertainment purposes for consenting adults only. It contains escapades of male on male pthc kds bbs child sex. If you are pthc picr and vids not of legal age or if you consider this type of writing to be morally offensive, then do not read the following story. It is your own responsibility to adhere to these terms. Comments on the story pthc vicky english are appreciated and may beauty pthc cp be addressed to the author at: my88reliantyahoo.comGas has sweet pthc gotten so expensive. One has to russia pthc find foro pthc jpg different ways of financing a fill of the tank now. pthc indian They should have loan officers at the filling stations, don't you think?When I was putting gas on pedo pthc rompl my vehicle yesterday, and there was this hunk filling his truck at qqaazz pthc the next pump over, I figured out that one could maybe "barter" some service and have them charge the fill to their credit card.What irc pthc channel if it happened this way? . .I was dark pictures pthc filling my tank today, noticing the dollar signs were spinning by faster than the gallons were. I thought to myself there pthc newsgroup must be a way to fill my tank without getting taken to the cleaners. On the other side of my pump, up pulled one of those huge trucks. You know, needing a step stool to get up into? Out jumps this pthc trailers hunk in tight pthc daddy's girl gym shorts and nothing pukulu pthc else. As he slid chubby pthc out of the seat and jumped to the ground, I got a good look at his basket. Must have been 6 feet tall. Nice deep tan. pthc 3gp Blond hair, blue eyes. Looked like he hit the gym pthc nerd at least 5 days a young anal pthc vid week. He must not have been wearing cp pthc top a jock or underwear as I could clearly see through the thin material that he was cut. Hmmmm. . .When he came over to the pump to get his voodoo pthc bbs forum hose out, I could see that he had a small struggle with the hose as it was tangled up. I stepped over and asked if he needed any help with his hoses. He stopped and asked if he had heard me correctly as I had said "hoses". I said yes. Both the one at the pump and the one he had hidden in his shorts. I got real bold and said that if I could take care of the hose in his pants, would he pay for my fill? His face broke out in a wonderful radiant little vicky pthc pic nonnude pthc smile. 1000 megawatt smile. 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I felt his cock swell and start to spurt. Soon mine joined him. Wow! We were both yelling it out! When stopped spurting, he pthc bbs young told me he was going to pull new pthc porn out and to turn around and clean pthc gigashare him up.He pulled out with an audible world pthc 'Pop". My ass felt so pthc little models empty. Immediately I started pthc child lover to feel his juices escaping from my gaping hole. I dropped to my knees and started cleaning his cock and balls. barbara guertin pthc They were pthc henti hardcore both bright red. I suppose from the fuck action and my hands squeezing pthc 0001 them.When they were clean, he thanked pthc pay sites me for taking care of his "hose". Both fill jobs were on him. He opened the door and left. By the time I got out to imgboard aaa cafe pthc my vehicle, he was gone. I didn't get his name or his plate #. I could still feel his cum dripping out of my hole. reel kds pthc There was going to be a wet spot on my jeans for sure.When I went in to pay at the counter, the attendant gave me a knowing smile. He said that my gas was already paid for by the guy in that big truck. Wished pthc illegal sites he pthc modeling proibida would have been there to see me getting my russian pthc free fillup banja pthc in the restroom back there. He heard all the action through the wall. He pointed behind him, it seems his counter backs up to the wall of the restroom. I bet I turned beet red at that. The attendant also said that I had better get home and pthc newsgrou change because my ass crack was showing a spot that was getting bigger and bigger as we tgp board pthc spoke. . .
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